1. Can I make more than one e-bill payment at the same time (can I combine payments going to the same payee)?

  2. Are repeating payments scheduled automatically?

  3. Can I add the same payee to my payee list more than once?

  4. Can I pay e-bills automatically?

  5. Can I make international payments?

  6. What is Auto-Pay?

  7. How do I pay e-bills?

  8. Do I need to contact the payees I decide to pay with Web Bill Pay?

  9. What is the earliest payment date I can schedule for a payment?

  10. My e-bill is late. What should I do?

  11. What is printed on the paper checks you send?

  12. How do I cancel a payment?

  13. How does electronic billing work with Web Bill Pay?

  14. How do I receive e-bills?

  15. How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my payments?

  16. Why was my e-bill paid late?

  17. How long does it take to receive e-bills from a payee?

  18. Can I store or view paid e-bills?

  19. Can I pay someone else's e-bills?

  20. Can I make payments from more than one payment account?

  21. What happens if the amount due for an e-bill exceeds the maximum amount automatically paid?

  22. How do I request e-bills from one of my payees?

  23. I chose to stop receiving paper bills from a payee and now I want to start getting my bills mailed to me again. How do I do that?

  24. What happens if I delete a payee who sends me e-bills?

  25. What happens if I choose to stop receiving paper bills?

  26. What is a payee?

  27. The amount for an e-bill seems incorrect. What should I do?

  28. What do I do if the payee has not received or credited my payment?

  29. How can I stop receiving e-bills from a payee?

  30. How do I change a payment?

  31. What do I do if I receive a late fee for a payment?

  32. How do I change the maximum amount automatically paid for an Auto-Pay payment?

  33. How do I know when I receive a new e-bill?

  34. What do I do if a payment failed?

  35. When does a payee receive my payment?

  36. I want to stop being prompted to only receive e-bills and not receive paper bills every time I pay an e-bill. How do I do that?

  37. Why can't I use Auto-Pay to pay all payees?

  38. How does a payee receive my money?

  39. What do I do with the part of the mailed bill statement that I used to mail back with my payment?

  40. Can I pay e-bills outside of Web Bill Pay?

  41. How can I confirm that a payment has been made?

  42. How do I know what the status of my payment is?

  43. What is an e-bill?

  44. Who can I pay using my bill payment service?

  45. How do payments show up on my payment account statement?

  46. Is an e-bill the same as a mailed bill statement or invoice?

  47. How do I download my payment activity for use in programs like Quicken or Money?

  48. Why do you need four days to process a payment?

  49. How do I find out if my payee sends e-bills?

  50. What if my request for e-bills is rejected?

  51. When is the money for the payment drawn from my payment account?

  52. Will I still receive a paper copy of the bill through U.S. mail?

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