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Travel Notifications

For your security, we monitor your accounts for unusual activity. If you plan on traveling, be sure to notify us two business days prior to your departure to avoid interruptions to card access during your trip.  To prevent any delay in processing your request, please be sure to follow the instructions below. 

Log into Online Banking and follow the instructions below to set up a travel notification:

  1. Go to the Banking Service Center tab
  2. Click on Secure Forms
  3. Under Contact and Travel Forms, click on Travel Notification.
  4. You will be asked the following information:
    • Card Number
    • Dates of departure and return
    • Trip Destination(s)-If traveling to multiple destinations or have layovers, please be sure to include dates for each. 

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Before you travel, check-out these safety tips:

  1. Don't carry large amounts of cash
  2. Keep a list of important bank contact information in case you experience any issues
  3. Streamline your wallet – only carry what you need and leave your checkbook at home
  4. Do NOT carry your social security card
  5. Keep track of your purchases while away via our mobile app
  6. Check guides and reviews before you book tours or excursions
  7. Stay alert, know your surroundings and plan your routes in advance
  8. Do your research - be aware of travel advisories, weather and the laws of the city, state or country your visiting
  9. Avoid oversharing on social media while away
  10. Visit for additional travel tips or consider enrolling in the state's free Smart Traveler Program

Helpful Resources

Report your card lost or stolen

Contact Fraud Prevention Services at 1-866-842-5208

Set-up custom card alerts