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Banking neighbor to neighbor


At Maspeth Federal Savings, we do banking differently.

We don’t answer to shareholders—we answer to you, our neighbors. Because we’re here every day—seeing you out for coffee, at movie nights, recycling events. We’re here to connect, and we have the financial acumen to make things better for the community we call home.


As a mutual bank, we are accountable to our customers, not to investors.
Like many, you’ve seen the recent, troubling stories of regional bank failures. Rest assured, Maspeth Federal Savings is a strong, well-capitalized community bank with over 75 years of history in Queens and Long Island. We are here to serve our community and our customers.


Our responsible, time-tested decision-making process prioritizes, protects, and benefits your financial health—not a stock price.


Funds from FDIC-insured local deposits are used to fund local mortgages—a strategy that keeps your money in your community. It’s a conservative, stable model that affords our customers peace of mind. 


From this position of strength, MFS will be here to serve you and your community in the years and decades to come.

Celebrating—and empowering—life’s best

At Maspeth Federal Savings, we’ll take any excuse to gather people together. We host events for Smile on Maspeth Day; have free movie nights in our parking lots; see friends and fellow business people at recycling and shredding events. Food drives, first-time homebuyer workshops, street fairs, concerts. Sure, we have the financial expertise you need from your bank—but it’s our community that drives everything we do.

Account options personalized for your success.

Start with the right checking account to manage your day-to-day finances. Then add a savings account, and careful investments for your future with CDs and IRAs. A Maspeth Federal Savings banker can connect you with the accounts that will put you on the path to financial success.

Loans that bring your dreams to life.

Whether you’re buying a home or interested in commercial property, our lenders will customize the financing you need for the purchase of your dreams.

We understand local business, because we are a local business.

When neighborhood businesses thrive, our communities thrive. If you have a business and you’re looking to grow, or have a new business idea, come in and share your thoughts with us. We can provide neighbor-to-neighbor guidance, and financial solutions that make your vision a reality.

To open an account, stop by any one of our local branches.


Standing by to help.

You can EMAIL US, visit our HELP CENTER, or call us at (718) 335-1300