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Changes Coming to your Maspeth Federal Debit Card

Smart chip technology provides stronger protection by making it difficult for your card to be copied or compromised. As more merchants and ATMs adopt this technology, we want you to be ready. Please download our Debit Card comparison sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my new card?

Beginning December, 2016, we will begin to issue EMV chip-enabled cards. Your new card will arrive in the mail before April 1, 2017.

How do I activate my new card?

Your 4-digit PIN will arrive in the mail a few days after you receive your new card. To activate your card, conduct a transaction at any ATM or POS terminal using your PIN. A PIN transaction could be an inquiry, cash withdrawal or purchase. You can change your PIN at the ATM or by calling 1-800-448-8268.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For security reasons, destroy your old card(s) immediately. If a merchant terminal is not yet chip-enabled, you can continue to swipe your card.

My new MasterCard Debit card has a different card number. How will this impact scheduled or recurring payments?

You’ll need to update your account details for all scheduled or recurring payments as soon as possible to avoid delayed payment processing. (Don’t forget your annual recurring payments.)

Is EMV Chip Technology new?

No. EMV chip technology was first introduced in France in 1992 and is now common in many countries.

What is the difference between EMV, chip cards and smart cards?

You may have heard different terminology for chip cards, but there really is no difference. These are simply different names used to reference the same technology.

Is there an additional fee for a chip card?

No, there is no additional cost to you.

Where can I use my chip card?

Anywhere. In addition to using your card at chip-enabled terminals, your card has a magnetic stripe allowing you to use it at retailers who do not yet have chip-enabled terminals. (At retailers that are not yet chip-enabled, you can swipe your card like you do currently.)

Will chip cards prevent all fraud from happening?

While your new card offers an additional layer of security it cannot prevent all fraud from happening. Maspeth Federal Savings won’t hold you liable for unauthorized transactions and your chip card is protected by MasterCard’s Zero Liability service.

How do I report my card lost or stolen?

To report your card lost, stolen or compromised, follow the same steps you normally would. Either call your local branch or 1-800-264-5578.

Using your New Chip-enabled Debit MasterCard®

At Chip Enabled Terminals

Step 1

Step 1

Insert and leave the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up.

Step 2

Step 2

Keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.

Step 3

Step 3

Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. You may have to sign for your purchase.

At the ATM

Step 1

Insert your card in the ATM as you do currently.

Step 2

If prompted, re-insert your card and leave it in the ATM until your transaction is complete.

Step 3

Remove your card when it is released at the end of the transaction and take your receipt.

Online and Over the Phone

For online or phone purchases, simply provide your card number and complete your transaction.

Your chip card will still work at merchants and ATMs where only magnetic stripe transactions are accepted.

Additional Questions?

Call: (718) 335-1300