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Offering our neighbors 
a financial edge.


7-month CD

5.50% APY*

with a minimum $2,500 Checking Account balance.

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Limited-time offer:

Earn 5.50% APY* on a 7-month CD when you maintain a minimum $2,500 Checking Account balance.

With a high-yield CD, you can get a real financial boost and watch your money grow quickly—and safely.

For a limited time, whether you have an existing Perks or Interest Checking Account or want to open a new one, you’ll have access to a 5.50% APY* 7-month CD when you keep a minimum Checking Account balance of $2,500:

  • Open your CD with a minimum investment of $1,500. Invest and earn interest on as much as you want—there's no maximum
  • Peace of mind with FDIC insurance on your CD and checking
  • The perfect balance—fast, but safe return on your money
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Choose the checking benefits you value most.

A Perks Checking Account comes with the everyday conveniences you expect plus extra money-saving benefits and personal protection. Unique features include:

  • Local discounts
  • National retailer deals
  • Fuel rewards
  • Cell phone protection
  • Identity theft protection
  • Roadside assistance

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An Interest Checking Account puts your balance to work and gives you the extra benefits including:

  • Competitive interest compounded daily and credited monthly
  • Free generic specialty1 checks and canceled check storage
  • Free access to MX Money Management tools
  • 24/7 FraudWatch® Monitoring
  • Overdraft protection option

Our Checking Accounts feature access to over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs2 at popular stores like
7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target.

To open a Perks or Interest Checking Account and/or this limited-time CD, schedule an appointment or stop by any branch for neighbor-to-neighbor service.

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Neighbor-to-neighbor banking since 1947.

Since we began in 1947, we have put our customers, communities, and employees at the forefront of everything we do. We don’t answer to shareholders—we answer to you, our neighbors. Because we’re here every day— seeing you out for coffee, at movie nights, recycling events. We’re here to connect, and we have the financial acumen to make things better for the community we call home.

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Promotional APY is accurate as of May 25, 2024. Minimum Checking Account Balance of $2,500.00 is required to obtain the advertised APY on the CD account. If Checking Account Balance falls below $2,500.00 at any point during the term, the 5.50% APY and the rate will revert to 1%. After the promotional 7 month term ends, the Certificate of Deposit account will roll into a 6 month Certificate of Deposit and will be subject to the Interest rate as of that date. Offer may be withdrawn or modified without prior notice.

1 Other designs available for purchase.

2 While we don’t charge a fee for use at another bank’s ATM, note that the other bank might charge a fee. International fees may apply.

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