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Saving While in College

Pay Off Interest – Have student loans? Consider making payments while in college, even if it’s just a small amount - it will save you money over the long-term.  

Buy in Bulk ­– Invest in a wholesale membership and stock-up on nonperishable items and toiletries to last you throughout the semester.

Shop with Discounts – Did you know ... many retailers give student discounts. Just ask and show your ID. Your college may also have programs that offer discounts on travel, entertainment and more.

Use Credit Wisely – Now is the time to build your credit. Make sure to avoid overspending and consider cards with lower interest rates. Only make purchases that you can afford and try to always pay your bill in full and on time to avoid interest and late fees.

Eat on Campus ­– The cost of eating out can really add up so opt-in for meal plans and consider buying snacks in bulk. 

Brew your own Coffee ­– We all know that caffeine can be your best friend during the semester but buying your favorite coffee every day can get pricey. Ask your roommates to chip in with you and buy a coffee machine for your room to save on the daily expense.   

Take Advantage of Campus Activities – Most campuses host free activities and/or offer transportation or discounted tickets to local attractions.

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