Telephone Banking

Unlimited 24 hour access to your finances just by using your phone! Our Telephone Banking service lets you access certain account information and make simple transactions right from your home or office - or anywhere there's a touch tone phone – all at NO CHARGE!

In the time it takes to call a friend, anyone, even a non-customer can:

  • Get current Savings, CD or Loan Interest rate information
  • Calculate monthly loan payments

As a Maspeth Federal Savings customer you can:

  • Check account or mortgage balances
  • Access transaction histories
  • Transfer funds among accounts
  • Verify if your Direct Deposit is in
  • Find out if checks have been paid
  • Order checks
  • Request copies of checks
  • Place stop payments on checks
  • Transfer from your account to make loan payments

Start Using Telephone Banking Today!

Call 1-888-558-1300 and follow the prompts to activate.

You can access our telephone banking service immediately. Existing customers have been automatically enrolled in this program - no application necessary. All you need is a touch tone phone. When asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) simply enter the last four digits of your social security number (or Tax ID # if applicable).

The system will then require you to change that preprogrammed PIN number to a four digit PIN number of your own choice. The new PIN number you have chosen will be used for future access to the telephone banking system. PIN numbers should never be given to anyone else and they should be changed periodically.

If you have any problems accessing the system please call your local branch office during their regular business hours.