Other Account Services


  • ATM Banking

    We offer choices in ATM Banking. Choose the card that’s right for you and gain access to all of Allpoint's 55,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide – and more!

    Plus, make convenient deposits at our envelope free ATMs. Just insert a check or up to 100 bills at once, and the ATM will do the rest – with no envelope or deposit slip to fill out. The receipt will have an image of the check or the denomination of the bills you deposited. It's an easier and friendlier ATM!

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  • Telephone Banking

    Unlimited 24 hour access to your finances just by using your phone! Our Telephone Banking service lets you access certain account information and make simple transactions right from your home or office - or anywhere there's a touch tone phone – all at NO CHARGE!

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  • Safe Deposit Boxes

    There are several box sizes available and all you receive is a simple annual bill. Contact us for box size availability and rental charges. Quantities are limited.

  • Wire Transfer Services

    Need to move money quickly? Stop by any Maspeth Federal Savings location to electronically transfer money between your Maspeth Federal account and another bank. Domestic Wire Transfer Service is available Monday-Friday 9:00AM-4:00PM. International Wire Transfer Service must be completed by 3:00PM.

    Read our Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions (PDF)
    Read our Outgoing Wire Transfer Instructions (PDF)



  • Check Services

    We offer Money Orders (up to $2,500), Tellers Checks ($250 or more), and Gift Cards to Maspeth Federal Customers. Ask a Maspeth Federal Savings Customer Service Representative for details regarding fees and availability.

  • Bank-By-Mail

    If you are unable to come to the bank for any reason, we also provide the service of Bank-by-Mail. Most bank transactions can be done in this manner. Deposits and withdrawals are then logged in and your account is updated. Contact us for details.

  • Automated Coin Exchange Service

    You can turn in your loose coins for cash with Maspeth Federal Savings Automated Coin Exchange Service (ACES). And best of all this service is free of charge! (Available at all branch locations) for account holders only.

Disclosure Statements are available with complete information with regard to our current fees, terms and conditions.

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