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COVID-19 Community Giving Award Winners


Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. We are proud to announce that the following award winners in the Small Business and Essential Workers/First Responders categories have been selected:

Small Business Winners

Prince Umberto’s | Franklin Square, NY
Forced to close; most owners who are family members got sick; lost patriarch; still donates to various non-profit organizations; donated 4,000 breakfast meals; always looking to give back.

69th Lane Studio | Maspeth, NY
Pilates Studio
Owner was gracious & welcoming, studio closed due to COVID-19, still calls every week to ask senior citizen clients if they need anything; brought masks to those who didn’t have any.

The Avenue Bar & Restaurant | Glendale, NY
Created a “Thank-A-Healthcare Worker” program; collected donations; created lunch bags for workers at Wyckoff Heights Hospital.

Shabulixius | Bayside, NY
New restaurant that had to close down after a few months; during quarantine the owner/chef made & donated meals to hospitals around NYC.

Steve’s Deli | Middle Village, NY
Donated food to Wyckoff Heights Hospital at the height of the pandemic.

Our Lady of Mercy Church | Forest Hills, NY
Met spiritual needs of people by holding virtual masses; offering food & monetary assistance to those who seek it.

The Hungry Monk | Ridgewood, NY
Homeless Outreach & Community Response Vehicle
Delivering food to the needy & homeless; sponsoring a food bank three days a week

Grand Avenue Pharmacy | Maspeth, NY
Feels like a family-run business; staff is wonderful; helpful, friendly & courteous.

Tap House | Forest Hills, NY
Made & delivered free meals to the hospital staff at Elmhurst & Forest Hills hospitals.

Ma Kin Thai | Middle Village, NY
Went above & beyond in making food for several hospitals; opened only a few weeks before pandemic; table set-up with free pad thai if you can’t afford it.

First Responder/Essential Worker Winners

Angela R. | Funeral Home Receptionist
Caring & empathetic; truly cares & treats families with respect; calming & sympathetic manner.

Hristiyaniya V. | Nurse
Most honest; diligent & hard-working employee; works tirelessly.

Patricia T. | Nurse
Most selfless & giving person; after 3 days of recovering from the virus, she went right back to work.

Amanda M. | Nurse
Dedicated nurse, hard-working & compassionate.

Amanda L. | Urgent Care District Manager
Responsible for several locations; worked 60+ hours, worked in every capacity including front desk patient intake.

Alexander L. | Paramedic
Has put his life on the line working as a paramedic; participated in food pantry donations & volunteered his service at local organizations.

Jessica M. | Radiation Therapist
Healthcare hero; after work she helps her young children with virtual learning; most caring, kind & generous woman.

Omari S. | Technical Supervisor
Has not missed a day of work; says it’s his “duty to continue my work”; ensures his family's safety when coming home from work; honorable man.

Steven J. | Paramedic
Great paramedic; takes care of mother financially & physically; goes beyond his job description.

Shawn W. | Corrections Officer
Great officer; works tirelessly to support family; returned to work after having COVID-19.

Jessica S. | Doctor
Relentless with caring & treating her patients; gives her all each & every day; “She is truly our hero!”

Catherine B. | Therapist
Bravery & commitment to her work; her patients & her fellow employees need her now more than any other time.

Lonnie C. | Residential Aide
Working the front lines with the mentally & physically ill; worked double shifts & lacked the essential PPE.

Joseph F. | Sanitation Truck Driver
Worked overnight hours to support his family; nothing but helpful, friendly & welcoming; had to purchase his own PPE.

Caroline S. | Nurse
Left Pennsylvania to work in NY; smart, kind & hardworking; “She is a HERO!”

Dominick B. | Firefighter
Hardworking, conscientious; goes above & beyond with all focus on getting the job done; does side work to support his family.

Thomas M. | Nurse
Very caring, kind gentleman; sent his wife & sons away so he could work & not infect them.

Mary R. | Nursing Assistant
Completely committed to the well-being of all patients; helped co-workers when shorthanded; dedication & love for her job are always shown in her actions.

Frank S. | Nurse Administrator
Dedicated, kind & giving person; opted to go into work so his co-worker could stay home because she was at higher risk; dedicated RN/Administrator, husband & father.

Thank you for helping us honor the dedicated workers & small businesses in our community!

We are grateful for all the essential workers, first responders & small businesses who have kept our community going during this unprecedented time. THANK YOU!

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