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Winter Savings Tips

Adjust your thermostat - Turn down your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for about 8 hours at night while you sleep. Heavy comforters and flannel sheets are a good addition to your bed so you can keep warm at night without turning up the heat.

Check your furnace regularly – Keep your furnace properly maintained to avoid the cost and stress of repairing or replacing it during a time that you really need it. You should check your furnace filter monthly, making sure it is clean and unblocked.

Use ceiling fans – Ceiling fans are not just for the summer months. When your fan spins clockwise, it traps the heat inside to keep your rooms warmer when it’s cool outside.

Take advantage of natural heat – Open your curtains or blinds on sunny days to let the suns heat warm your home. The best thing about natural heat from the sun – it’s free!

Only heat necessary rooms – Do you have rooms that you don’t always use like a guest room or storage room? Keep these rooms closed off to keep the heat in the areas of your home that you use regularly.

Get cozy – Instead of cranking the heat up when it starts to get cold, bundle up with your favorite sweatshirt, throw on some fuzzy socks and curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket.

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