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Saving Money On Your Workout

  1. Instead of joining an expensive gym, do your workouts at home either on your own or through instructed online videos or apps.
  2. Take advantage of benefits through your job. Some companies offer discounted gym memberships to their employees. Ask your human resources department to find out.
  3. Shop around for a reasonably priced gym. Some gyms that focus on a single type of workout, such as spin or kickboxing, tend to be pricier. Most gyms have all the same equipment so find a place that is practical and they will most likely offer those types of classes as part of your membership.
  4. If you prefer outdoor activities and only use the gym occasionally, consider using a community recreation center. Most have swimming pools, cardio equipment and weights and cost much less than a gym.
  5. Hiring a trainer is a good idea but sharing a trainer is even better. You can split the cost by doing group sessions. Working out with someone else is not only a great motivator, but it can save you money, too. 

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