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Fall Savings Tips

Cook at home – Eating out can get expensive so as the weather gets cooler & the days get shorter, make it a point to stay at home with friends & family for a home-cooked meal. Cooking in season is always fun and saves you money too. Fruits & vegetables such as butternut squash, pumpkin, apples, potatoes & carrots are plentiful and inexpensive. Using a crockpot instead of a stove can also save time and money during the fall.

Weatherproof your house – It’s a good idea to use weather-strips on windows and doors to lower heating costs as the weather gets cooler. You should also clean out your gutters to help drainage and prevent any future problems. You’ll feel more prepared when winter arrives if you get your home ready for the cold weather during the fall.

Keep up with your car – Make sure to keep your oil clean and tires filled. This can prevent any damage to your car during the colder months. Also, check your antifreeze, make sure your windshield wiper fluid is filled and your wiper blades are clean and working properly.

Exercise outdoors – As the temperature slowly drops after the hot summer months, it becomes more comfortable to exercise outside. There’s no reason to spend money on an expensive gym membership when you can go for a run or a hike through some beautiful fall foliage.

Save on entertainment – Enjoy the festivities going on all around your neighborhood. With a simple online search, you can find events and activities related to Oktoberfest or Halloween. Find out where the nearest pumpkin patches or apple orchards are to enjoy a fun and inexpensive day with your family and friends.

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